A bit about us

Hi, before I begin, I just want to say thank you to all our customers because without you we wouldn’t still be here.

We are Dave and Julie, owners of 7eventh heaven and this is our backstory.

In 2014 Julie was managing a retail outlet for the Lancashire based owners, within several months of opening they decided that the store was just a little bit too far away for them to effectively manage themselves so they decided to either close the shop or sell it as a going concern.

Julie had always dreamed of owning her own boutique so when the opportunity to buy the business lock stock and barrel presented itself we discussed the potential and decided it was worth taking the plunge. I knew coming into high street retail at a time when the online markets were just beginning to gain traction wouldn’t be easy and I don’t think anyone realised at that time just how difficult things would become for highstreet retailers, but together we’ve managed to keep our little shop going whilst so many others including some of the biggest players in the market have withered and died due to the loss in trade and their failure to adapt to the huge increase in online sales and the rapid growth of e-commerce.

We were fortunate to have been born in an age when high streets were a great place to go, hosting a diverse range of shops, unique boutiques and quaint eateries and although the way in which many consumers now acquire goods has changed it’s our belief that there is still time to rekindle those old flames and breathe a fresh lease of life into the high street bringing it back in a form that will be attractive to a new age of customers.

We will continue to use all the resources and industry knowledge we have to serve you for as long as the retail and e-marketing world will allow in our desire to help the high street return to being the bustling, vibrant place it should always be.

We are passionate about the fashion

We go out of our way to provide products that are on trend and that will give you that tremendous feel good factor that comes from knowing that the bags or accessories we have chosen are both unique and specifically chosen to fall in line with our brand ethos.

Our product selection process is uncompromising because we want you to have the best choices your money can buy. Our search criteria includes but is not limited to products that:

  • ‘pop to the eye’ the designs must stand out from the crowd,
  • All products must be made to the highest standards including perfect stitching,
  • Have fittings that are robust and fit for purpose,
  • If the design allows it, bags and purses should have multiple sections so that you can organise your contents more effectively,
  • Available in seasonal colours unless it’s black of course because black is an all year-round colour.